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Main Clinical Trial Research Facility

Our main research facility is a pleasant, state of the art,

wheel chair accessible,GWR Clinic center adjacent and is connected to the private practice of the principal and sub-investigator. This offers the advantage of always having an investigator present at the site and facilitates the communication with research staff as well as the ability to see the research subjects conveniently.

This center has been in service since 1999, and is where most IM and GI studies are done. It has four private exam rooms, handicap restrooms, and specific areas for the clinical monitors to review study materials and interact with the study coordinator.

Patients always study the consent forms in privacy in these rooms, and physical exams are always performed here using strict confidentiality guidelines. We have quiet areas for monitors, with access to charts, photocopy machine, fax, scanner, desk and phone.

Centrifuge, minus 20 refrigerator, EKG, resucitation kit, and most equipment required for phase II and III studies is present or available. HIPAA compliance and confidentiality is standard of care, especially since we are associated with the patient care facility.

All of our computer systems are secure, requiring a password for access, and are equipped with wired or wireless connectivity of 256 byte encryption. The entire facility has alarm systems and every cabinet that has patient information or study related active materials is locked.

Temperature monitoring is performed daily, and the building is climate controlled. The center is located 1/2 mile from the hospital. Our center follows all the Board of Medial Quality assurance and FDA guidelines, and we have never been audited by these institutions.

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