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Clinical Trial Facilities

GW Research is a small growing Clinical Research site with over 12 years of existence with over 25 clinical trials.

Our President is also our Principal Investigator, Dr Gregory Wiener. Our PI is actively involved in clinical practice and research, and therefore has a personal interest and leads to close supervision.

There is always a investigator in the center to attend to patient needs, meet with coordinators, and tackle daily study issues. All patients are given direct access to CRC and PI or SI in charge of study.

We have two clinical sub-investigators who have been working with the PI for years and also have large clinical practices, where most of the patients for studies are recruited.

The center uses Central IRBs or scientific advisory committees, and has no local obstacles to a rapid , easy and efficient implementation of a study. All budget negotiations and major decisions are managed by the PI, and there is no intermediate organization that would compromise the direct access of CRO and the physicians that are part of this organization.

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