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Gastroenterology Endoscopic Center

OutpatientSxThe second section of our institution, takes place in a state of the art Gastroenterology Endoscopic Center, located 1/2 mile from the main office. This is a State of California, OSHA certified endoscopy center, in operation for over 10 years. This is a state of the art facility with two fully equipped procedure rooms, staffed by a RN and endoscopy tech. Full automated sterilization system with quality control is used.
The recovery room is staffed by RNs , LVNs and CNAs, with patient privacy and professional care being of utmost importance. There are 6 recovery beds and facilities to discuss findings and therapy in private with the doctor. The center has full resuctiation capacities and the nurses are certified in ACLS (Advanced cardiac life support systems). The staff is multilingual including English, Spanish and Tagalog.

Family members are present on admission and discharge of patients for comfort and in order to communicate instructions and coordinate the management of the patients. Wheelchair accessibility and easy access for patient drop of and pick up are part of the advantages of this center.

All gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures are performed here. The Principal Investigator and other investigators do procedures at least twice a week here and therefore scheduling for procedures rarely takes more than 1 working day.

Location within a half mile of the hospital, Infusion center and Main clinical research facility, makes this whole system of patient care ideal and confortable for the care of our patients.

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