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Clinical Trial Candidates

Since GW Research is a compact organization, careful attention is given to screening potential study candidates. Before a subject is invited to be screened, our trained staff, including the investigators at times, assures that the candidate meets the major broad inclusion and exclusion criteria for enrollment, using standard pre-screening questions.

Broad questioning regarding a detailed review of inclusion and exclusion criteria is always included to select the best candidates for studies. In general, we have always met our recruitment targets, and frequently surpassed them, as can be seen from the CV.

Our retention rate is high, once again due to the close participation of the PI, who is involved in all study dealings, consenting subjects and providing individual attention to the patients needs and concerns.

All patients are given follow up cards with instructions and are called to be reminded of future appointments and requirements.

Patients are not enrolled into a study unless the investigator and coordinator feel the subject is reliable, compliant and genuine in his enrollment interests. And therefore, the majority of the patients for our studies come from the active clinical practices of the pi and subinvestigators.

The majority of the patients for our studies come from the active clinical practices of the PI and sub investigators.

Dr Wiener has been in practice for 22 years, has an active Gastroenterology/ Internal Medicine practice which generates a significant portion of patients.

Dr Alayo is also a gastroenterologist, with a busy Gastroenterology practice.

In total, the three MDs see approximately 120-160 patients per week. The rest of our research subjects are sent by community physicians who normally use us for specialty consultation and are used to referring patients to us. A minority of patients come from our poster advertisements in hospitals and doctor’s offices, and the media.

And just recently, we have begun an aggressive campaign to find and recruit new clinical trial candidates via our website at

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