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GW Research

We are among the premier Clinical Trial facilities in San Diego County. GW Research specializes in clinical trials for Gastroenterology-Digestive disease research. We offer evidence based research of the latest medical treatments for multiple medical conditions, in order to help advance knowledge and care of people affected by these conditions.

Potential study volunteers : You can learn about what a clinical trial is, and how clinical trials work, or how to volunteer for a clinical trial. You can also view our list of ongoing Clinical Trials and even volunteer for a clinical trial.

Medical Research Organizations : Medical research organizations interested in contracting with GW Research for upcoming trials can learn more about our San Diego clinical trial research facility, our history of successful clinical trials, our clinical trial staff, and our Oncology Infusion Center.

You can also read about the types of clinical trials we are particularly well suited for, and can then contact our Primary Investigator to discuss your upcoming studies.

What is A Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are tests that are used to help determine the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments. These medical treatments might be drugs, diagnostic equipment and procedures, medical … [Read More...]

How Clinical Trials Work

Clinical Trials are health-related research and biomedical studies on people that follow pre-defined protocols. How Clinical Trials work may vary depending on the kind of trial being conducted. A … [Read More...]

How To Volunteer for a Clinical Trial

GW Research conducts clinical trials in San Diego County, mostly for gastro-intestinal and conditions. Your participation in a clinical trial helps on many levels. Not only … [Read More...]